The NOW CARDS© are a vibrant and beautiful collection of 64 Guidance Cards created soon after writing the Palmistry book. I spent a year researching for a new system for Tarot and realized finally that I didn't need a system. The NOW CARDS ¬© are the result. After watching a documentary on Crop Circles, I was inspired to incorporate the powerful images into the cards.

The NOW CARDS© are Guidance Cards based upon the Advaita teachings of Non-Duality and the principles of the Psychology of the Self. The main principles are that only the Self or Consciousness exists, it is complete onto itself and is present only in the here and now.

Each card has been specially created to facilitate a healing process.

The NOW CARDS© are quite simple to use but yet the results are very profound and powerful. Every card contains a title, image and a explanation. During a reading choosing only one to two cards is needed.After choosing a card, look at the picture and read the explanation. For the best results, follow the guidance for a day even if the instructions do not seem to be pertinent to your question. In this way the full benefits will be obtained.

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